How to Win at Online Poker

What do most poker players think of when they hear the word poker? They think of a college degree or maybe a side business selling boxed furniture. A lot of the players I play with dream of playing poker professionally and they have seen on T.V. the World Series of Poker or the World Poker Tour. These dreams of financial freedom are certainly not going to be disappointed.

Play poker online for little or no money and you will win big pots. The hard part is not knowing how to win at online poker (or realize that you do know how to win at online poker).

You can learn all the poker moves and secrets you want, but if you do not want to lose money you simply must do something to stop losing. It is not that hard to do, especially once you realize how many hours are lost each day just in poker.

The hardest thing to do is to get up every day and go to work for someone else. If you are not earning money, you have no way to pay for your bills and your basic needs. I was once broke, after havingCollege degrees for 16 years. I worked my ass off for six years. I went from washing dishes to pennies to putting gas in my car. I was barely making a living, but I had to do something to make a living. I took a chance on a hand of blackjack. I won about $2,000 and that’s about it. I was only able to afford to bet $2,000 because I didn’t want to invest more than that. I had to play the next three months folding bus trips to Vegas, getting back all my lost money. I made the same bet every time and I still didn’t win. I quickly figured out that it was not going to come back and I only ended up with about $20 in the end.

If you can’t bet $200, $300, $500, and especially $1,000, especially if you have a family to pay for and if someone in your family dies, you need to get out of the poker game now. Playing was never like any other game of chance I’ve ever played. I never thought about how much I was losing until I started to lose. I thought I knew what I was doing and I was going to do things the “legal” way. Turns out I wasn’t taking the law into my own hands. I was playing legitimately, like I’m supposed to do. I eventually turned to my best friend for help. He’s the first person I ever told about my situation. He’s a poker playing buddy of mine and he’s a real professional. He told me about going to the major promotions together.

It turns out the promotions were all a lie. They were actually promotions for friends of the players. They paid people to work for them and to help market the company. This isn’t unlike the old days when the casinos would actually pay dealers to work that particular casino. The dealer would hand out the cards and the casino would pay the casino for a cut of every hand. Except in this case the cut was a percentage of the money the players bet. Still crappy, right? Well, at least now you know the real deal about being a scam artist…

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